Dear Mr. Tusa,

As a 10-year-old boy, I never had any trouble telling people what I was 
going to do as a career.  At that time, there was no doubt that I wanted to be anything else but a fireman.  It was something about those red trucks and Dalmatians I guess.  However, now that I am older, yellow suits and fire engines do not have the same appeal to me.

Understanding the difference between a job and a career was something that took me until high school to figure out, and it has taken me even longer to decide on just what that career would be.   While in college, I began taking some economic and political science courses.  Through my study, I became intrigued by the under lying principles and reasoning used in these fields.  I soon decided to double major in these areas and begin a career path toward becoming a professional in this line of work.

The options I have explored are:  working in the private sector consulting businesses, working for the state' s economic development department, or 
working for the Federal Reserve.  Who knows, I might take Greenspan's job!I look forward to working in this course and developing a more detailed idea of what I will do in the future.

Looking forward to this semester,

Mark Lowe