115 Sheridan Dr.
Lafayette LA, 70506

Hank Perret
801 Cambridge Drive.
Lafayette LA, 70503

Dear Mr. Perret:

I am writing to thank you for setting aside the time to let me interview you.  It was extremely interesting getting to know about the various aspects of the law field.  Learning about the time and energy involved in a typical workday was extremely beneficial.  I believe that it will allow me have a more realistic picture of the dedication and responsibility involved with practicing law. 

From what Iíve gathered from you and other sources, the law profession is one that is very time consuming, yet filled with honor and opportunity.  Your suggestions on the appropriate curriculum and steps towards entering the law field will prove invaluable to me in the future.  I would also like to thank you for offering me a summer job.  Working in a law firm will allow me to continue researching this career that Iím excitedly prepared to pursue.

Altogether, the entire experience was very educational and interesting.  I enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to keeping in touch with you in the future. 

With deepest regards,

Van Morrisson