To: Chris Tusa
From: The Artist Formerly Known As Prince
Subject: Career Proposal
Date: 13 October 01

In this proposal, I will investigate the responsibilities, salaries, career opportunities, different fields, graduate school programs, and necessary preparation as an undergraduate student to become a successful accountant. My interest in this profession is growing and this proposal will enhance my knowledge of my career choice.

My first task for this proposal will be to conduct at least two interviews with professionals from the accounting field. First, I am conducting an interview with Mrs. Laura DeLaune, an instructor at LSU who has a M.S. and is a C.P.A. I am also conducting an interview with Mrs. Elizabeth Briggs, who is also an instructor at LSU and has her M.B.A. and is a C.P.A. and C.I.A. During these two interviews, I shall inquire about necessary preparation as an undergraduate student, graduate school programs, pros and cons of the accounting profession, salaries, different areas of accounting, and future employers’ expectations. These two interviews shall take place in their offices and will be recorded using a tape recorder to ensure accuracy when reporting my results.

My second task for this proposal will be to create an annotated bibliography of all the sources used in creating my portfolio. I have found many great articles using different databases and accounting websites. The database Infotrac provided me with numerous articles, such as “Global Challenges Call for More CMAs and CFMs,” “Success Strategies for Students,” “The value of an MBA,” “Accounting Industry Attempts to Boost Career Profile,” and “Memo to students: Big Six makes a difference.” The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy website provided information about CPA candidates in Louisiana. Both Careers in Accounting and Occupational Outlook Handbook websites provided me with overviews about the accounting profession such as skills and talents needed, different areas of accounting, salary comparisons, and current facts and trends in the field. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants website reported many statistics, which were of interest to me. Not only did I use the Internet to find information about the accounting profession, but also a Careers in Accounting booklet and an article out of the December 2000 issue of Journal of Accountancy. These two sources supplied me with information about steps undergraduate students should take and also finding a job after graduating.

My goal is to acquire information vital to my future. This proposal will create an in-depth knowledge of my chosen profession and will also guide my future decisions concerning my career. This project will also create benefits such as contacts for future job possibilities and research material for future reference.