To: Christopher M. Tusa
From: Mick Jagger
Subject: Career Project Proposal
Date: January 28, 2001

I am writing this proposal to request permission to complete a research project on a specific career choice that is of interest to me.  I have chosen the field of law and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to better familiarize myself with this career choice.  Corporate and environmental studies are the two areas of this field that I would like to study in this report.  Also, I would like to study and research the added effects of having a Finance major and M.B.A. in connection with a law degree.

The first major portion of this research project will consist of the interview report completed on two professionals from their respective fields.  I am looking into interviewing Mr. Hank Perret of Perret, Doise and Judge Dee Simon.  My first action will be to schedule a meeting with each of these individuals and set up a time suitable for an informal interview of this kind.  The subject matter of these interviews will primarily concern questions dealing with the everyday working life of the law industry.  These questions and answers will be recorded on a tape recorder in order to preserve as much accuracy as is possible for this interview.  The recording will then be documented in an official interview report, which will be submitted to you on the proper date. 

The second half of this research project deals with the creation of an annotated bibliography that will document resources that pertain to and are informative of the law profession.  Approximately ten sources will be used in all.  Some of the sources will come from books and journals, but the main sources of information will come from the Internet.  I plan to present the articles to you in an annotated bibliography that will be turned in with the interview report.

The main purpose of this project is to gain a better understanding of the law profession.  Because of my interest into becoming a lawyer, the information gathered from this report will prove invaluable in allowing me to make a decision concerning my future career.  I have determined a number of  specific goals and benefits that I would like to achieve:

· Learn if this profession suits my attitude and work habits
· Find out what a typical day is like
· Gain two contacts in this field
· Find out the proper steps I need to take now as a undergraduate student
· Take steps in learning more about the profession