To: Christopher M. Tusa
From: David Bowie
Subject: Progress Report
Date: September 24, 2001

This progress report outlines my current career research project on the financial planning profession.

At this time I have approached Hank Mills, Vice President of The Stanford Group, about scheduling an interview to discuss what his profession. He has been very cooperative and seems willing to help me, but as of yet no formal time has been scheduled for the interview. My other potential interviewee, James T. Rutledge, has been unreachable, and I feel I may have to look elsewhere for my second interview. Alternative interviewees I am considering to replace Mr. Rutledge include Wallace Gladney of Salomon Smith Barney and Patrick McWilliams of Fidelity Investments.

My progress on the annotated bibliography has been limited due to my schedule. I have begun reading Michael Lewis’s Liar’s Poker, which is a book about being an investment professional on Wall Street, but I still have about one hundred pages remaining.

As for periodicals I plan to use for the annotated bibliography, I have begun a collection of investment magazines including Fortune, Forbes, MBA Jungle, and Individual Investor. These magazines contain articles relating to investment professionals, but I have not researched any specific articles within them at this time. Also, I have subscribed to the Wall Street Journal, but as of yet I have not begun receiving it. Other sources I am planning to use for the annotated bibliography are websites, and so far I have visited several sites that are financial in nature, including Microsoft’s,, and However, I have not found any specific articles relevant to the field I am studying yet.

As noted previously, I have begun speaking with one of my interviewees, but I have not conducted either of my two interviews. I hope to have at least one interview scheduled by September 28 at the latest. For my second interview, I may have to find another interviewee because my current prospect has been difficult to reach.

For the annotated bibliography, I have not yet begun to actually write the document. I am still in the early stages of gathering my resources, and although I have begun reading some books and articles, I have a lot of work ahead.

As I mentioned earlier, I have begun collecting periodical sources, but it may take some time before I find articles relevant to the project. I do have an extensive list of sources, many of which are listed above, and I am still scouring the Internet and magazines for information. I am also hoping my subscription to The Wall Street Journal begins within the week. It has been three weeks since I subscribed and I still have not received one newspaper. I am hoping to receive them soon, however, as The Wall Street Journal is considered to be a primary source of information for financial advisers. Even if this small dilemma is not reconciled soon, I am not worried about having more than ample sources to draw research from.

My research project is still in an early stage. I still have to conduct both of my interviews, and I must begin to write the annotated bibliography. That being said, I do have a relatively large and growing collection of sources for the annotated bibliography; all I must do now is sift through the information and find the most relevant and helpful articles within them. As for my interviews, I have been in contact with one of my interviewees, and he seems enthusiastic about teaching me about his profession. Persistence is the key to scheduling my second interview. Although I have not been in touch with my potential interviewee as of yet, I believe it is just a matter of time before I speak with him to schedule the interview. 

Because my collection of sources seems to grow daily, I am confident I will have the annotated bibliography completed well before October 23. Periodical sources on financial planning are easy to find, and this has greatly sped up the research process. The fact that one of my interviews will be scheduled within the week leads me to believe that the vast majority of this project will be completed by the due date. The only uncertainty is the second interview, and as of yet, I am not worried. There is ample time to schedule an interview with either my current subject or an alternate. This project is on schedule.