To: Christopher M. Tusa
From: Elton John
Subject: Progress Report
Date: 13 October 01

This progress report lists my work, completed and uncompleted, on my research project concerning the accounting profession.

My first interview was with Mrs. Laura DeLaune on Wednesday 19 September 01. It took place in her office, which was a very comfortable atmosphere. I gained a great deal of knowledge during the interview and also a renewed spirit pertaining to my decision to change my major to accounting. I conducted my second interview on Wednesday 10 October 01 with Mrs. Elizabeth Briggs. Like Mrs. DeLaune, the interview took place in Mrs. Briggs’ office, which was a comfortable atmosphere. I learned a vast amount of information about different areas of accounting and the importance of graduate school. Both interviews were recorded using a tape recorder.

I have not yet created my annotated bibliography, but I have gathered all of my sources needed to complete this project. Approximately one half of my sources came from the Infotrac database, which provided me with articles such as “Global Challenges Call for More CMAs and CFMs,” “Success Strategies for Students,” “The value of an MBA,” “Accounting Industry Attempts to Boost Career Profile,” and “Memo to students: Big Six makes a difference.” The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy website provided information about CPA candidates in Louisiana. Both Careers in Accounting and Occupational Outlook Handbook websites provided me with overviews about the accounting profession such as skills and talents needed, different areas of accounting, salary comparisons, and current facts and trends in the field. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants website reported many statistics, which were of interest to me. Not only did I use the Internet to find information about the accounting profession, but also a Careers in Accounting booklet and an article out of the December 2000 issue of Journal of Accountancy. These two sources supplied me with information about steps undergraduate students should take and also finding a job after graduating.

I have also completed thank you letters, which will be given to Mrs. DeLaune and Mrs. Briggs for allowing me to interview them and providing me with invaluable advice and insight into the accounting profession.

As I stated before, I have not yet created my annotated bibliography. As soon as I finish organizing and reading my sources thoroughly, I will begin to write the summaries for each source used. 

I must also complete my interview reports. This will not be too difficult, since I recorded both interviews with a tape recorder.

In all honesty, I am very nervous about this project. It is forty percent of the grade and the due date is near. Fall Holiday is approaching soon and I expect to complete the bulk of the project then. Even though most of my project has not been completed up to this point, I feel very confident that it will be completed and ready to submit by the due date.