EVALUATOR'S NAME:   John Lennon  
WRITER'S NAME:          Paul McCartney  
ASSIGNMENT:              Progress Report  

For the most part, the sentences are clear;  however, the third sentence in the  WORK ALREADY COMPLETED paragraph is awkward.  Also, I would look at the first sentence of the conclusion.  I can't determine what you are trying to say there.  

Everything seems correct.  I did notice that the word "cautious" is misspelled, however. But, I'm sure you'll fix that before you turn it in.  

Most of the essay is organized, but the conclusion is very confusing.  The ideas do not follow one another.  

You need to add more detail in both of the body paragraphs (WORK ALREADY COMPLETED AND WORK NOT YET COMPLETED).  Both  lack specific details. Try including specific info about the bib, like the types of sources youplan to use and what specific topics those sources focus on.   Also, the conclusion is very vague.  I would state a specific date that you plan to finish the project on.  

Most of the sentences do not seem repetitious.  The only paragraph where this isn't the case is in the conclusion. For example, the third and fourth sentences both begin with "I plan."  

Most of the sentences or words sound professional.  I would avoid  the phrase "to think out of the box" "in the second paragraph though.  

The fifth sentence of the Work Already Completed Paragraph is very wordy. Try reducing the number of wordsin the sentence. Also, the third sentence of the conclusion is very wordy.  I would omit the word that.  You useit four times in the sentence.  I don't think it's needed.