Sample Letter of Transmittal

115 Sheridan Dr.
Lafayette LA, 70506

Chris Tusa
321 Hatcher Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

1. While working on the Service Learning Portfolio, I learned how to better organize my writing.  In particular, I learned that by using headings and by placing certain information in specific parts of a document, a writer can organize his thoughts more clearly for the reader. Learning to organize my writing is an important skill because in the future it will allow me to write clear and coherent paragraphs. 

2. My best piece of writing in the Service Learning Portfolio is certainly my progress report. It demonstrates my best ability because it is extremely organized and because the writing contained in it is very specific and precise.  Also, the ideas contained in the evaluation are much more complex than the ideas conveyed in my other documents. 

3. My worst piece of writing in the Service Learning Portfolio is the evaluative report.   It is the most poorly written document because it lacks organization and because the writing is often wordy and even confusing.  Also, it seems to lack a definite ending. 

4. My goals for the Service Learning Portfolio were to learn to better organize my thoughts in writing and to learn to be more specific when I write. I made a great deal of progress toward accomplishing this goal.  However, I plan to progress even more in the future.

5. I feel that I deserve a B for this course because my writing has progressed.  During this portfolio, I have learned to better organize my thoughts, and I have learned to make my writing much more precise.  Also, all of the documents contained in my portfolio are complete, and all of them follow the standard guidelines for correctness. 

With deepest regards,

Natalie Merchant