To: Chris Tusa
From: Sarah McLachlan
Subject: Job Search Report
Date: November 13, 2001

For this part of the assignment I decided to research two companies: New Jersey Economic Development Authority and Litman/Gregory Asset Management.


Company Summary
New Jersey Economic Development Authority is a financial company that specializes in helping businesses in New Jersey gain capital.  Started in 1974, NJEDA has provided more than $14 billion to businesses and not-for-profit organizations in New Jersey.  NJEDA will work with and has worked with any type of business from a sole proprietorship to worldwide corporations.  They offer over twenty different programs that specialize the needs of the customer

Employment Opportunities
A position is being offered for a financial officer.  Duties of this position will consist of the following: gathering information necessary to properly analyze applicant's qualification for a loan under various EDA programs, monitoring loan portfolios for compliance with loan covenants, reporting financial statements and delinquencies, and many other tasks.  To qualify for this job you will need to have a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Finance, be proficient in WordPerfect and Lotus 123 for Windows, and have the ability to present information regarding EDA programs to the public in a professional and convincing manner.


Company Summary
Litman/Gregory Asset Management is a financial corporation based in Orinda, CA.  It is one company in a group of companies including Litman/Gregory Fund Advisors and Litman/Gregory Research, Inc.  Started in 1987, its mission is to “provide excellence in investment management based upon a foundation of rigorous research, discipline and personal service.”  Litman/Gregory Asset Management offers financial services to wealthy peoples, family groups and institutions.  Some of the clients include major 3 financial corporation CEO’s, public companies and owners of professional sports franchises.

Employment Opportunities
A position is being offered for a Portfolio Administrator.  Some of the specific duties of this job include the following: downloading daily transactions and positions from broker-dealer websites and reconciling accounts, assisting with placing mutual fund trades in client accounts, engaging in client service activities, running monthly reconciliation reports, and opening new accounts at brokerage firms.  Qualifications for hiring include at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field, 3-4 years prior job experience and knowledge of Advent Axys or equivalent portfolio accounting software, MS Word, Excel, and Access or their equivalents. At Litman/Gregory, they are looking for a broadly educated individual to be detail-oriented, have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to take immediate “ownership” of his or her work.

After researching these two companies, I feel I have gained a lot of information about them both.  I find the available position at Litman/Gregory Asset Management to be more attractive than the position at NJEDA for two reasons.  First, I find the idea of having a person as a client rather than a business much more appealing.  I hope to be able to help people with my work.  Also, I have family in California and have always wanted to live there.  I believe that starting a career and raising a family would be much more satisfying in California than in New Jersey.