Chris Tusa
Inventing an End    
Marie Laveau Talks about Magic
The Birth of Night
In a Marriage Certificate

Chris Tusa's poems are darkly visionary, calling on the beauty of the natural world to illuminate the murk and drift of human motives and action. Here is a striking collection of poems that engages and unsettles, soothes with the aesthetic what it roils with dark narratives. A tense, often beautiful, and promising debut.

--Sidney Wade, author of Green

Inside what appear to be harmless little things -- miniature Bibles, folded t-shirts, catfish -- Chris Tusa has hidden firecrackers and bottlerockets. Inventing an End's poems are filled with bang! and woosh!, with surprises and truth.

--Josh Russell, author of Yellow Jack

There are certainly times when I want a poem to look me in the eye, tell me the truth, grab my collar, and walk me through the real world.The poems in Chris Tusa’s collection, Inventing an End, accomplish this with music and beauty. Tusa’s is a rare gift of honesty and clarity. Readers will surely appreciate how his devotion to craft develops, poem by poem, in this book. I know I do.

--Jack B. Bedell, author of At the Bonehouse and What Passes for Love

Chris Tusa

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