Preparing for the Profession

    ·  What specific qualifications are employers looking for in the 
       resumes of job applicants in this field (internships, volunteer 
       work, experience in the field)? 

    ·  What particular skills are employers looking for in the resumes of 
        job applicants in this field (computer skills, communication 

    ·   What suggestions can you make to help me better prepare for this 


Realities of the Profession

    ·   How competitive is this field? How difficult was it to find a job in 
        this particular field? 

    ·   What do you do during a typical day at work? What is worst 
        aspect of this profession?

    ·  What are the benefits and advantages of being in this profession? 

    ·  How does the profession differ from what you expected?


Forms of Communication

    ·  What type of oral communication does one commonly encounter 
        in this profession (presentations, formal speeches, one-on-one 

    ·  What type of written communication does one commonly 
       encounter in this profession (proposals, email, reports, articles for 

     ·   How much of your workday is spent communicating orally or in