Chris Tusa
Kindergarten Portrait of My Mother    
The Drowned Light
Photograph of a Missing Girl
Botticelli’s Venus Tries to Forget

Chris Tusa's The Drowned Light is a wonderful debut collection. The poems gathered here shimmer and pulse with familial anecdotes, humor, and a much-welcomed human touch. It is as if each poem is a conversation to which we are specially privvy, and through our listening our understanding and capacity to love increases tenfold. Mr. Tusa's ear is exacting and intune with the vernacular of our frenetic, dislocated times. A fine collection indeed.

--Virgil Suarez

Chris Tusa, like the tornado at the center of his book, chases our dark shadows - our murderers and missing children and dead uncles - until they die "like characters in some great myth." In Tusa's witness, the lost dictate their own elegies, and we have only to stand with him, on the banks where the light has drowned, and listen.

--Jake Adam York

Chris Tusa

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