Accessing LSU's Databases

1. From LSU's home page, select "Libraries" (upper left-hand  side of page).

2. Select "Indexes and Databases" (middle of page, under "Electronic Resources").

3. Select number 8 (Infotrac) on left-hand side of page.  Please note that Infotrac is only one of hundreds of databases at LSU.

4.    Select "connect from on campus" (if off campus, select "off campus" and then enter 9 digit social security number (without dashes).

5.    Select "General Reference Center Gold." 

6. Limit search to full text documents by clicking box beneath yellow shaded search area.

7. Enter keywords in yellow shaded search box.

Searching LSU's Databases

Below are 10 samples of specific keyword searches you might use for the career project (if your topic were marketing): 

1.    marketing and outlook                              6.    marketing and jobs

2.    marketing and careers                               7.    marketing and internships

3.    marketing and qualifications                   8.     marketing and employment 

4.    marketing and salary                                 9.    marketing and occupations

5.    marketing and graduates                         10.    marketing and degree 

Retrieving Documents from LSU's Databases

Methods of retrieval vary; however, some databases (such as Infotrac) contain full text documents.  This means that rather than searching the shelves of the library, you can simply locate the article online and then e-mail it to yourself.