Step #1   Search the Career Links Page
If your field of study is not listed, please let me know (cmtusa@lsu.edu).

Step #2  Search Google for information concerning your field.

Some sample searches for Accounting might include the following words or phrases:

"careers in accounting" 
"opportunities in accounting"
"jobs in accounting"
"interview with accountant" 
"accounting" and "outlook"
"accounting jobs"
"accounting" and "internships"
"accounting" and "qualifications" 
"accounting" and "employment"
"accounting" and "salary"
"accounting"  and "occupations"
"accounting" and "graduates"

Step #3  Search LSU's Databases for information concerning your field.  (Click here for 
                   instructions on how to access LSU's Databases) 

Step #4  Search Google for contacts within your field (individuals to whom you might 
                   send an e-mail questionnaire).

A sample search for Accounting might include  the following words or phrases:

"Accounting Faculty" 
"Accounting Contacts"

           Click here for a list of interview questions to include in the e-mail questionnaire.