Some Action Words to Describe Skills in Resumes

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Accomplish Delegate Innovate Publish
Achieve Demonstrate Inspect Qualify
Act Design Install Raise
Adapt Detail Institute Recommend
Administer Determine Instruct Reconcile
Advertise Develop Integrate Record
Advise Devise Interpret Recruit
Aid Direct Interview Rectify
Analyze Distribute Introduce Redesign
Apply Draft Invent Reduce
Approach Edit Investigate Regulate
Approve Employ Lead Relate
Arrange Encourage Maintain Renew
Assemble Enlarge Manage Report
Assess Enlist Manipulate Represent
Assign Establish Market Reorganize
Assist Estimate Mediate Research
Attain Evaluate Moderate Resolve
Budget Examine Modify Review
Build Exchange Monitor Revise
Calculate Execute Motivate Scan
Catalogue Exhibit Negotiate Schedule
Chair Expand Obtain Screen
Clarify Expedite Operate Select
Collaborate Facilitate Order Sell
Communicate Familiarize Organize Serve
Compare Forecast Originate Settle
Compile Formulate Oversee Solve
Complete Generate Perceive Speak
Conceive Govern Perform Staff
Conciliate Guide Persuade Standardize
Conduct Handle Plan Stimulate
Consult Head Prepare Stimulate
Contract Hire Present Summarize
Control Identify Preside Supervise
Cooperate Implement Process Support
Coordinate Improve Produce Survey
Correct Increase Program Synthesize
Counsel Index Promote Systematize
Create Influence Propose Teach
Decide Inform Provide Train
Define Initiate Publicize Transmit
Update Write